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We continuously deliver results both on supply availability and now digital advertising for dental practices.

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Our Well Studied Approach to Dental Advertising is Ready

Before we started offering our dental advertising service we looked into the most used advertising programs being offered to many dental practices here in Canada. Based on our research and inputs from our dental council members we concluded that most digital agencies are offering redundant marketing services to dental practices. This leads to high competition rate against local dental clinics and low results in appointment conversions.

Our solutions

Search Marketing

Search Advertising is still the go to lead generation approach in Dental Marketing. But the difference with AMP's approach to search ad choices is significant. We understand that conversion doesn't always happen in a single search event, it takes a process and AMP will integrate that conversion process into your dental clinic booking structure.

Social Media Retargeting

A big part of our marketing design is the reflow of search visitors that are engaged in social media like Facebook and Instagram. Since most bookings aren't done on a single search event, it is important that we continue to engage with these search visitors on a consistent basis to remind them of their intent when searching for dental services.

Email Marketing

When bookings or subscriptions to inquire about your services succeeds, it is only the beginning of your patient's journey with your dental clinic. To make sure that there is a consistent return patient relationship we will build an automated email structure for you that will consistently keep your patients engage with your clinic and boost lifetime value.

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We help you to grow faster and better

With the AMP’s approach to digital marketing we can help you grow your lead generation activities and make your patient-clinic relation more engaging and genuine.

We Did it with Supplies, now with your Marketing

A Medical Partner has great pricing and has been amazing in getting the products I need for my office, especially during this pandemic. Michelle, thank you for everything, your exceptional service! Thank you for following up on all your sales and making sure we are taken care of. You are awesome! I so highly recommend A Medical Partner!

Akeel Al-Dabboos


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savings in all dental supplies

Trusted by 1500+ happy clinics

A Medical Partner has been successful in helping the dental community get affordable high quality essential supplies during the height of the COVID19 Pandemic. We promised to bring more quality services to the community and we have done the hard part on researching the best marketing solution for patient acquisition. This is just the start more will be available soon. 



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Fair, simple pricing

Our packages are priced based on our suggested monthly ad budget. If you want to set your own ad budget, we do require a minimum $600 Ad Management Fee if 20% of the ad budget is lower than $600.


Boosting your online presence to create more visibility to patients.


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Most popular

360 Journey

Patient Experience is added to increase your new patient’s lifetime value.


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Best ad budget for creating new bookings for your dental clinic.


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We take ad management fee because we don’t require a setup fee to start a project with your dental clinic.

What is Email Lifetime Value Creator?

Email Lifetime Value Creator is an automated email setup in your landing page to consistently connect your new patient to your dental clinic. Giving them updates from your website and after visit feedback which will lead them to leave google reviews.


The higher your ad budget the more work is required. We also segment ad groups for both google and meta platforms.

How many months is the contract?

For now we go month to month basis with no commitment but we suggest you give us 6 months to show you the effects of our 300% lead generation boost campaign.

Ready to speak with a marketing expert?

Give us a call now and let’s discuss your current advertising campaign and we can show you how our approach gets integrated in your current setup.